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how to reclaim a healthy good nights sleep

How to reclaim a healthy good night’s sleep

We all have the natural body clocks that dictate to us when and how to fall asleep quickly. But other external forces sometimes dictate otherwise. The onus, therefore, is on us to know how to reclaim a healthy good night’s sleep while still maintaining balance on other fronts.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep or wake up too early, then you might have a sleeping disorder termed as insomnia. More often than we will want to admit, psychological causes like anxiety, depression, and stress, tend to top the list of causes of insomnia.

Shilajit being an incredibly nutrient-dense naturally occurring substance, having over 85 minerals including fulvic acid, humic acid, iron and amino acids with other trace elements, can help with insomnia. You don’t need to keep asking your spouse, neighbours, colleagues, how can I help my sleep issues. The truth is they might not know themselves.


Anxiety may be positive or negative, but the effect of both can be a sleeping disorder known as insomnia, and yes! You guessed right, insomnia is bad for you. Overloading your mind with either realistic or unrealistic expectations can be the source of your sleeping disorder.

Maybe you just got that dream job and you just couldn’t wait to resume your first day at work and so you were awake through the night. Or maybe you are even waiting on that call for the result of the interview you had and it has kept you up all night. However, it occurs, it’s still not great because it raises the cortisol and adrenaline levels, which is ok if it only is for a short period. Insomnia can reduce your energy level and make your function below optimum levels.

Shilajit can help with lowering anxiety levels as it has anti-anxiety properties. It helps to lower the rise in cortisol and adrenaline which was caused by anxiety in the first place. It also revitalizes the body system, by assisting in the production of ATP to replenish energy lost during bouts of insomnia and help you function at maximum level.


This is perhaps the most frequent of all the causes of insomnia, as we are usually bombarded with stress from every corner.

Work, school, home, finances and even family all come with their own stress. Maybe you just had a baby added to the family; your bundle of joy could wake up to eat in the middle of the night. After giving the food to the baby, you find it hard to sleep while the baby is fast asleep.

Shilajit abounds in nutrients that can help keep the effects of stress on the minimum.  It has powerful adaptogenic properties that can protect the body from all types of physical and mental stress.


Depression is a big cause of a lot of medical cases, insomnia inclusive.

Whatever the cause of your depression is, it can kill your natural drive to want to do anything, including your want of sleep. Depression problems can seriously alter or interrupt your usual sleep rhythms known as your circadian cycle.

Shilajit can help with depression as it has antidepressants properties that help deal with depression. The presence of fulvic acid and humic acid also gives it the ability to stabilize the mood of an individual. And, it also provides the body with the necessary vitamins and acids that all combine to give a boost to the mood of the patient. Shilajit, therefore, helps you know how to reclaim a healthy good night’s sleep again.


So, if you’ve had issues sleeping, maybe through stress, depression, or anxiety, and you’ve always asked how can I help my sleep issues, shilajit can offer help in finding your sleep again.

Shilajit in resin form assures you of more nutrients than the capsule or powder forms. Vitadote offers shilajit in resin form and therefore offers you a better quality shilajit for dealing with your sleep issues.


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