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best way to fight anxiety and stress

Best way to fight anxiety and stress

Anxiety can be a precursor to depression, therefore finding the best anti-depression and anti-anxiety treatment is always a useful thing. For most anxiety cases, it is essential to find a treatment that acts more like a two-edged sword. This is because anxiety and depression are usually found working together, and both have the same symptoms. All of these stem from subjecting the body to high levels of undue stress. Hence, having a natural stress reliever may also be of immense benefit in the plight to fight with anxiety and stress.

Shilajit is a potent substance containing favourable nutrients that help to fight with anxiety and stress. With fulvic acid acting as the main ingredient coupled with others like humic acid, amino acid, magnesium, zinc, and some other organic nutrients, makes Shilajit a great anti-depressant agent. This makes it one of the best natural depression treatment for anxiety Induced depression cases.


Exposure of the body to stress can result in quite a number of health conditions including anxiety. Working pass the usual hours just to meet that deadline, the grief of losing a loved one, resigning from your paid work to start out as an entrepreneur, can all be scenarios that can lead to physical and emotional stress. The resulting impact of this stress can be anxiety which sometimes goes hand in glove with depression.

Shilajit can offer benefits as a natural stress reliever due to the presence of nutrients like zinc and magnesium in it. These nutrients have been found to be effective in helping to relieve stress in the body and therefore help prevent the onset of anxiety and depression.


Anxiety sometimes referred to as panic attacks, are usually a result of stress both physical and emotional on the body. This feeling is more intense than being nervous about that job interview or that speech presentation. It is usually accompanied by symptoms like sweaty palms, chest pain, trembling, dizziness, and a very fast heartbeat. Sometimes you just feel like you’re having a heart attack, but that’s not so, as these symptoms will usually last a few minutes.

Fortunately, shilajit has vitamins and minerals that help in the treatment of anxiety including magnesium, and zinc. These three elements have been found to help as both anti-depression and anti-anxiety treatment. Shilajit has an anxiolytic effect which is as a result of increased dopamine activity which helps in reducing the tendencies for anxiety.Fight with anxiety and stress.


As much as anxiety precedes depression, it is, in fact, interesting to know that a lack of an essential mineral in the body can be the cause of this predicament. Zinc in the body is very essential to the normal functioning of the nerves, and it acts as an anti-depressant element in the body.

Zinc is also important as a stress response modulator for the brain as well as the body. This is because stress in the body depletes zinc levels and it is passed out from the body through sweat and urine.

Shilajit can be of service as a natural depression treatment as it contains zinc as one of its many nutrients which gives it its anti-depressant properties. As our bodies don’t have good storage for zinc, regular and consistent intake of shilajit will help supply the required amount of zinc to the body while preventing the symptoms of depression in the process.


Shilajit can be employed in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression seeing that it possesses all the nutrients and properties required as an anti-depression and anti-anxiety treatment. Shilajit can help supplement all the inadequacies of our modern diet in supplying the essential nutrients necessary to prevent cases of stress and anxiety.

With all the various forms of shilajit present in the market today, one will do well to know that the resin form is the best in comparative terms. This is as a result of its nutrient-dense nature, with all nutrients complete as given by nature.

Vitadote is the go-to company when it comes to quality shilajit, as it offers the resin form of shilajit without missing out on any of the naturally produced nutrients through refining.


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