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Ageing is not an issue now!


Ageing is not an issue: During the years of 1990 and 2000, maximum life expectancy was about 30 to 35 years old in all developed countries like US, Russia, China etc. but the pace is increasing from 2000 to 2015, people live longer rather than before. It is age miracle for human being as the ratio of the world’s population has increased from 12% to 22%. It is expected that in the coming years, people can live up to 60 to 65 years and beyond too. Most countries are experimenting to be sure about their health and social system that they are ready to make a no of demography change including high birth rate and high death rate.

The current elder population is about 900 million but by 2050, the elder population will reach up to 2 billion. And the younger will be one- third of the total population. The countries like Iran, Russian and China will have the same ratio of population growth of 30 years. The shifting towards old ages is called population ageing.

Extra thirty years of life for aged people don’t matter because these extra years of life bring a lot of opportunities like successful career and higher education. But the issue is that elder people are surrounded by more and more disease due to environmental pollution. Majority of people have no stamina to work more at this age. The factor on which these all issues depend is proper health and unpolluted environment. If people live this aged life in good health and supportive environment. Then the chances of moving towards development will be much higher as compared to a younger inexperienced person.


The results are shown from the impact of the gathering of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage at the biological level. This is lead to a great decrease and disability in physical and mental capability, risk enhances disease growth. But they are not linear or continued. It only changes with a personage throughout life. Few people spend their aged life in good health. While on the other hand, few people live their elder age in most terrible health and require proper treatment from others.

Health disorder in growing age

When a person enters in his above 40 ages, different health disorder appears in his health such as skin shrink, wrinkles, hair loss, eyesight weaken, osteoporosis, diabetes, stress, depression, dementia, memory loss and much more. Old people severed many diseases at the same time. Geriatric syndromes are defined as the risk factors like older age, cognitive destruction, functional mutilation, urinary inconsistence and impaired mobility. Geriatric medication is used to prevent these health disorders in growing age patients. They are much better than the existence or number of diseases. The main reason for suffering older people from worsened disease in their sixties is that they usually don’t wake up early morning which affects their physical and mental growth and health.

Factors effecting on ageing

Health variation in people usually depends upon their social and physical environment (homes, community, and society) and their activities like sex, ethnicity, tradition, custom, civilization and socioeconomic status. These factor starts to effect in the early stage of life from childhood to adulthood. Even they combined with personal characteristics. The supportive and unsupportive environment also affect the progress and preservation of health performance. Healthy behaviour includes a balanced diet chart, physical activities etc. tobacco is the main cause which resists physical and mental growth and increases the risk level of growing diseases.  Behaviours are most necessary for old ageing. Power exercises to maintain muscle mass and healthy nutrition helps to prevent cognitive functions And Reverse Infirmity.

Shilajit Role in Healthy Ageing

Shilajit plays a great role in the history of old ageing. It is the adhesive subject matter which is commonly found in the rock of Himalayas. Its colour is mostly white or brown.  It is used as a medicine for old age patients to preserve their multiple diseases.  It has a positive, suitable and effective role in overall human health and growth. It is rich in fulvic acid, a strong anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory.it also protect against free radicals and cellular damage. As a result, shilajit proceed to slow the aging process and overall better health.

Alzheimer disease is the brain disorder in which problems with memory, thinking and behaviour are found. Many drugs and medicine are used for treating this disease. But mostly scientist and researcher believe that shilajit is the best medicine to preserve Alzheimer disease based on shilajit molecular composition. Tau proteins are the main part of our nervous system. And the abnormal build-up of tau protein harms our body cells. Shilajit is consisting of fulvic acid which helps to prevent of abnormal growth of tau protein and recover our body cell.

Chromium fatigue syndrome is the disease in which a person feels tiredness and weakness in his body for long-term which is a severe problem for human being as he is unable to perform physical activities in this daily life. A scientist considers shilajit best medicine to overcome fatigue and restore energy cell in the human body. It reduces the symptoms of CFS. CFS usually starts when your body doesn’t produce enough energy cells which are essential for your body to do physical activities throughout the day. Researchers experimented on two animals they provide them shilajit for a month then induced CFS and forced them to swim for 15 mints for a month. They found that shilajit reduce the symptoms of CFS.

High altitude sickness occurs due to cold temperature, low atmospheric pressure and wind velocity. It includes body pain, dementia, sluggish, feeling tired, insomnia, and hypoxia. But it can also prevent by shilajit. It consists of fulvic acid, antioxidant and 84 minerals which provide health benefits. It acts as an energy booster, antioxidant in our body and removes fluid from our body.

Heart health is also the main disease. The rate of heart disease is increasing day by day. Before, it could be found mostly in ageing people, but now it can be found in adults as well as in children. After researching and experiments on animals in the lab, they are truly found useful shilajit in heart disease. Shilajit decreased the growing risk of heart diseases.

Shilajit side effects

Shilajit is a herbal and safe medicine but it doesn’t mean that you can take it in a high quantity. You should know that shilajit contain free radical, minerals, metal ions, fungus and contaminations. The over quantity can hardly make you ill. Shilajit must be purified whether you take it from the store and buy online. Mostly countries’ administrations don’t take responsibility for the purification and quality of shilajit. So you have to research about their quality on your own before purchasing. If you are under the influence of these diseases such as sickle cell anaemia and hemochromatosis which means too much iron in your blood, increase heart rate, dizziness or thalassemia. Then avoid taking shilajit it can harm your body cells.

Natural anti-ageing

We all know that we can’t stop or change the natural ageing process. It is continuing all over life and even afterlife. But we can reduce the effect of ageing our skin and body from natural things. It is natural for everyone to lose and dried skin day by day. Our environment or lifestyle selection causes ageing permanently. To overcome your age and skin ageing you can try natural ways. Sun protection is an essential way for it. Whether you are on beech or anywhere, sun protection should be your priority by clothes or seeking shades or apply sunblock on your body. Whenever you get tanning (self-tan, tan from sun or spray tanning) on your body then you are ageing your skin permanently. All these tan have UV rays that increase the level of skin ages. Now when it comes to smoke, then you are playing with your life. Stop smoking because it decreases your living rate, causes wrinkles, dull complexion and increase age ageing. That’s why it is harmful to your health. Although some doctor advised that after dinner, you can smoke for digestion your food but the use of smoke in a large quantity can cause different diseases.  If you are habitual of alcohol, then it is also one of the main factors to increase age ageing. Because alcohol is rough for our skin and it dehydrates and damages our skin. Even it can make us older and older at a younger age. Exercise for 15 to 20 minutes in a day improves blood circulation and boost the immune system in our body. And it can give you a fresh youthful and attractive look. You can also apply facial moisturizers on your body which gives youthful look as well. But after sweating too much, don’t forget to wash your face twice a day. Especially, when you wear thick jackets and helmets because of sweating which irritates the skin.


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