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what is the best anti-aging skin care

What is the best anti-aging skin care?

Our lives in the 21st century have become so fast-paced that we are constantly plagued with finding the best skincare to reduce or prevent wrinkles. We have to deal with busy schedules, late hours, and societal cum cultural pressures so much that we don’t dedicate time to take care of our health. The implication of this is that it leaves our body tired and worn out- and this tells on our skin in the form of dull or pale skin and premature wrinkles. So, what is the best anti-ageing skincare that can provide the results we want?

Shilajit can help provide the best anti-ageing skincare to reduce or prevent wrinkles because it is loaded with nutrients that work to boost the immune system and promote blood detoxification which is both great for the skin. When your body organs lack nutrients and aren’t functioning properly, your skin suffers. A good example is a weak thyroid which causes dry or flaky skin.

Many people try to deal with their skin issues by slobbering tons of O.T.Cs cream and topical applications to look good. However, they fail to realize these applications can’t make their skin shine with health. They don’t realize they need to pamper their body and skin from within with the right product.


Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and the best way to keep it clear and healthy is to feed our body with the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients required.

When we age, our outer skin layer loses collagen – a primary structural constituent for skin firmness.  The result of the loss of collagen is saggy skin riddled with wrinkles, crow feet, laughter lines, age spots, fine lines, blemishes, dark circles and acne scars.

Shilajit can help restore the health of your skin. It repairs our tissue and slows down the pre-oxidation of skin cells to provide it with a unique and radiant glow. It works on a cellular level to promote cell rejuvenation and halt cell damage to ensure our body gets the antioxidant needed for protection against disease.

A 12-week study was carried out to examine the effects of shilajit on the human mitochondria, cellular energy production, collagen formation and the skeletal muscle cells. The study was carried out on healthy overweight participants who ingested 250mg of shilajit twice a day, also with moderate treadmill exercise.  The result of the study revealed that six different types of collagen (3 of which are linked to wound healing and ageing), elastin (responsible for elasticity) and fibrillin (also for skin muscle elasticity) were positively influenced and had a significant amount of up-regulation. These preliminary results show the effect which shilajit has on collagen are promising and have potentials for beauty, health, and ageing applications.

Shilajit also helps to remove free radicals from the body. If these free radicals are left to roam in the body, waste materials in the form of toxin and faecal matter accumulate in the cells. This makes these negative agents stuck in your cell and prevents the transport of beneficial nutrient to your cell. Hence your cell ages and so does your skin.


Most of our diet these days consists of processed food, alcohol, and trans fat which overwhelms our body organs.  Since our skin is the largest organ of the body, when the organs become overwhelmed, our skin starts to show signs of ageing. When we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity, and our body cells and tissues start to show sign of wear and tear.


To know how shilajit helps in the ageing process, we first need to understand what shilajit is composed of.  Studies have shown that shilajit is composed of around 85 minerals which are in ionic form – which means they can be easily absorbed by our body tissue and cells.

Some of these rich ingredients include humic acid, iron, zinc, fulvic acid, amino acid, zinc and phytonutrients that slow down the pre-oxidation of the body tissues and cells which then controls the anti-ageing process.

Shilajit is great for cell treatment and regrowth due to its mineral constituent and fulvic acid – the most effective anti-ageing agent in it.  Fulvic acid functions as a powerful organic electrolyte that helps promote the body’s cell life and restrict the signs of ageing. Shilajit contains the purest and natural form of fulvic acid.

For our body cells to regenerate, they require the diluted form of these minerals for easy absorption.  Fulvic acid can dissolve the minerals for easy absorption in the body for regrowth and repair. It plays the vital role of dilating the cell walls to transport minerals deep into the tissue and cell which help to reverse and control anti-ageing properties.

Our body is made up of different cells that require proper nutrition to grow and stay healthy. And this required nutrition can be derived from different minerals. Now, since shilajit comes loaded with more than 80 minerals, it is considered to be one of the best anti-ageing treatments available. It helps to keep the cell membrane intact to prevent loss of elasticity and of course prevent wrinkles.


The mitochondria are very important in our overall health and longevity. It is responsible for producing our body’s main source of energy – ATP – which powers all our living functions and best anti-ageing skincare. However, mitochondria succumb to the ravages of stress, and an ageing mitochondria leads to the ageing of the body organs – our skin included.

Studies carried out have revealed that one of the root mechanisms of ageing is damage to the mitochondria’s DNA as a result of the assault of free radicals. Previous studies have failed to find out a way to prevent the ageing of the mitochondria and show best anti-ageing skincare. However, breakthrough research has shown that the reversal of the early stage mitochondria dysfunction is possible.

It was revealed that coenzyme Q10 (which blocks mitochondria ageing) and pyrroloquinoline quinone. (which triggers the creation of new mitochondria) works together to prevent the mitochondria against the assault by free radicals. It was also revealed that shilajit works synergistically with CoQ10 to revitalize it and promote its effectiveness. Shilajit helps to replenish the electrons lost by CoQ10 and allows it to stay active for longer.

It was concluded that CoQ10, PPQ, and shilajit works together to inhibit and reverse the cycle that causes ageing.


The best skincare to prevent or reduce wrinkles is one that incorporates shilajit in addition to a healthy and regular diet.

You should know that some low-quality shilajit contains harmful materials like lead and arsenic. You can get your pure shilajit from Vitadote.


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