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how to improve infertility naturally

How to improve infertility naturally

All women have different health challenges, but most have had issues relating to hormonal imbalance. With hormonal imbalance, there is the tendency to develop health challenges including fatigue, mood swings, depression, premenstrual syndromes as well as infertility. This is the reason many women are looking for how to improve infertility naturally, as natural ways can be effective without the usual side effects of some other methods.

Shilajit is nature’s gift to womankind to help out with health issues relating to infertility, menstruation, as well as other hormonal induced challenges like depression. Shilajit is full of a lot of nutrients and compound that makes this possible. Main ingredients are the Fulvic acid and the humic acid that are bioactive while working with other nutrients to help individuals on how to reduce menstrual pain naturally among other benefits


Infertility can be disturbing and can be the cause of both physical and emotional energy drain, but a chief reason can be a hormonal imbalance which in turn can be caused by various issues. Hormonal imbalance can be caused by the presence of toxins in the body system of the individual. An individual will, therefore, need to remove the toxic contents by suitable detoxing methods, if she must find how to become more fertile and achieve her fertility goal.

Shilajit is a natural and freely given substance that can be found as a peat-like substance in the Himalayan mountains. It is bursting with nutrients that have been accumulated over many years by nature and has a brownish-black color. Major compounds that are found in ionic forms in Shilajit are the Fulvic acid and humic acid. These substances give shilajit its beneficial properties including its ability to act as a natural detox. Fulvic acid pushes essential nutrients to the deepest tissues of the body while also serving as transportation means to push out toxins from the deepest tissues. This, therefore, helps individuals find how to improve infertility naturally.


Irregular and painful menstrual cycles are another of the discomforts brought about by hormonal imbalance. Quite a number of women suffer from this predicament, and most will undoubtedly seek ways to rectify this misnomer. Using the right method, for example, one that is devoid of side effects will be better. Maybe you are in this also and are looking at how to regulate your period cycle, or relieve menstrual pain, using natural alternative will sure come in handy.

Shilajit is a naturally endowed substance full of vitamins and nutrients that can help with menstrual irregularities and pain relief. It has Fulvic acid and humic acid that are both bioactive, as well as having enhancing capabilities with other medications. Shilajit has been found to improve the abilities of pain killers like ibuprofen, reducing the quantity that needs to be taken by individuals to achieve the desired relief. Hence, shilajit can help with how to reduce menstrual pain naturally by enhancing the effect of other pain relievers.


Depression is a psychological issue that may result from hormonal imbalance, as well as deficiencies in essential nutrients and vitamins. This can, in turn, result in infertility.  Though these nutrients are not needed in large quantities, they are still required in steady doses for the body to perform regularly. One such nutrient is Zinc. A study found that giving doses of Zinc to depression patients improved their state, and also supported the use of zinc for psychotic symptoms. So if how to improve infertility naturally is your concern, you may do better if you treat your depression first.

Shilajit, a natural mass of medically beneficial compounds has ample nutrients to help with depression. It abounds in Fulvic acid and humic acid while still packing other nutrients like Zinc which can help in treating depression and by extension help you find how to become more fertile.


Shilajit which is a natural composition of vitamins and minerals is a good alternative for supplements and over the counter (OTC) medications in finding how to regulate your period cycle. Its ingredients revolve around its main compounds of fulvic acid and humic acid, in combination with other beneficial nutrients and vitamins – over 80 of them.

But, here is the thing! The resin form of Shilajit is still preferable to the powder or capsule form. This is due to the loss of its natural constituents and quality during manufacturing.

Vitadote’s  Shilajit is the all-natural resin form with all the nutrients complete and presented in their original way, with guaranteed quality.


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