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how to fight the battle with renal disease

How to fight the battle with renal disease

Are you sick and tired of combating the pains of renal disease? You’ve been feeling generally weak most times with difficulty in sleeping, having a poor appetite, swollen ankles, and muscle cramping. Do you want to know how to fight the battle with renal disease?

Does this sound familiar?

These are symptoms of the renal disease for which gallstone is found. To reduce gallstone symptoms, however, requires the right kind of treatment that does not incur other side effects that worsen the already sorry state of the individual involved.

High cholesterol has been found to be a significant factor contributing to renal diseases especially gallstones, which seem to affect adults in their 40s and above. Some individual cases of obese teenagers have also been in the focal point of the medical world for a while. With shilajit, the ability to find a practical solution for how to dissolve gallstone naturally might not be far-fetched after all. Shilajit abounds in plenty of compounds that can help fight the battle with renal disease. Compounds such as fulvic acid with a host of other minerals and nutrients give shilajit the ability to do so.


fight with renal disease? Gallstones are not stones in the real sense of it but cause severe pains to individuals with it, giving it even more lasting effect as if it were a stone lodged in the gall bladder. The very severe type of gallstone which is cholesterol stones has been known to affect 80% of gallstone patients while the pigment stone variety only affects the 20%. Whatever the type of gallstone, patients are better off when they can reduce gallstone symptoms.

Shilajit is an important natural supplement that can help patients living with gallstone. This is because Shilajit has been found to contain useful compounds like fulvic acid and humic acid known to combat the main culprit of gallstone which is high cholesterol. Fulvic acid is also responsible for increased and efficient blood flow to deep tissues with detox ability, allowing for a better way of how to dissolve gallstone naturally.


Although this might be a less severe condition to a gallstone in terms management, it is nonetheless as painful as gallstone and can be worse if not treated in time. This usually occurs as a result of low fluid in the kidney to dissolve the waste. The result is a crystallization of the minerals in the waste, forming stone-like substances in the kidney. One will do well to find ways of preventing kidney stones naturally as the discomfort it brings can be excruciating. Obese individuals and diabetics are usually at high risk of having a kidney stone.

Shilajit which typically occurs in the Himalayan Mountains has been found to possess numerous compounds like the fulvic and humic acid, along with nutrients like amino acids, selenium, potassium and other beneficial minerals that combat factors responsible for the kidney stone. Shilajit a natural alternative when looking for how to get rid of kidney stones, as it has diuretic properties which makes it an excellent help for easy passage of waste from the kidney.


The possibility of kidney stone resulting in chronic kidney disease has been affirmed from studies. A meta-analysis that included seven studies suggested that there are a high-risk ratio and a 95% possibility for individuals with a history of a kidney stone to progress into chronic kidney disease. The study also suggested more investigations in the future to further reveal the underlying mechanism of the relationship between kidney stones and chronic kidney diseases, to find preventive and therapeutic measures. Hence, the importance of preventing kidney stones naturally cannot be overemphasized.

Shilajit has more nutrients naturally capable of helping to prevent kidney stones while keeping CKD at bay. Fulvic acid and humic acid gives shilajit antioxidant properties used to guard the beta cells in the pancreas that produces insulin from damage. This helps diabetes patients who are at high risk, by giving them another alternative of how to get rid of kidney stones while saving them from CKD.


Shilajit has numerous benefits as it contains many beneficial nutrients and vitamins. It is especially helpful for fighting renal diseases and reduce gallstone symptoms for patients. It also can be useful for preventing the onset of chronic kidney disease while assisting with kidney stones using its diuretic and antioxidant properties. It also saves the individual from the side effects of over the counter medications.

However, Shilajit’s resin form is preferable to the powder or capsule form. This is due to the loss of nutrient’s quality as well as the quantity of the powder or capsule during manufacturing processes. The resin form of shilajit from Vitadote, on the other hand, has all the nutrients presented in their original way and can guarantee maximum nutrient quality as well as quantity.


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