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is your immune system strong enough

Is your immune system strong enough

You are not alone if you are looking for ways to boost the immune system naturally. Our bodies come pre-equipped to fight off external attacks using a mechanism known as the immune system strong enough. It has proved effective so much that the concept is being replicated in industries like technology where programs called anti-virus fights off external attacks. We are however constantly looking for ways to strengthen the immune system in order to be pretty ready in case of any attacks.

And in any case, to boost the immune system naturally will mean using what nutrients nature has provided for this end. In most cases, this is the best way as nature always offers these nutrients in abundance.

Shilajit offers plenty of nutrients to boost the immune system strong enough naturally. With its numerous beneficial minerals and vitamins which has fulvic acid and humic acid among many other nutrients in its arsenal. These all see to strengthening the immune system naturally. This definitely means there is no need to worry about catching the flu when the immune system is well fortified.


Quite a number of people have issues with their body absorbing nutrients for use. This can be as a result of a chronic disease which has seriously brought down the immune system. Or maybe you are just recovering from an illness that has your body system weak and unable to absorb nutrients. It may even be as a result of advancement in age, where your body is gradually becoming inefficient at absorbing nutrient for strengthening the immune system as needed.

Shilajit can help in this area as it contains minerals and vitamins like proteins and amino acids, iron, fulvic acid, humus acid zinc among others. These minerals are responsible for increasing the white blood cells thereby fortifying the immune system. Shilajit also acts as a transporter in pushing vitamins and minerals needed for boosting the immune system to the necessary parts of the body. Studies have shown that shilajit amplifies the potency of the nutrients in foods and other supplements by making them more bio-available for the body’s use. This can help boost the immune system naturally and also help in quick recovery from illnesses.


Filling our body systems with toxin is quite easy these days. With our cities becoming more congested with traffic, the fumes from vehicle exhaust seem to be the order of the day as you just can’t escape filling your lungs with it. Also, chemicals from industrial wastes seem to also find their way into our water system thereby creating more avenues for our body to be overloaded with toxins.

An overload of toxins in the body can be the reason your body immune system becomes low.

Shilajit lends a hand with this by helping to detoxify the body of all the toxins acquired in the course of running around in a toxin-filled world. Shilajit has been shown through studies to be able to remove deep-rooted toxins from the tissue. This serves as one of the ways to strengthen the immune system and help you recover from illnesses quickly.


There are seasons where viral infections like the flu and common cold become commonplace in society. Also, fungal infections are easily contracted from various public places, especially by the female folks. Having a strong immune system ensures that these infections are prevented from weighing you down in the first place.

Shilajit can be of help by stimulating and reinforcing the immune system against both viral and fungal infections. Research has shown that shilajit has in abundance immunity-boosting properties, as well as properties for reducing viral load. This enables the immune system to be rid of immunity inhibitors and boosting the immune system naturally. This ultimately gives the body the much-needed protection from external attacks.


Whether it is the flu season, or you’re becoming aged, shilajit helps to boost the immune system naturally.  Shilajit resin occurs naturally, and this means that it can be one of the natural ways to strengthen the immune system for good.

Vitadote offers shilajit in its natural resin form. This gives you the maximum concentration of the nutrients that can be found in Shilajit.


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