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how to boost your sex drive

How to boost your sex drive

It will benefit you to know how to improve or increase your libido so you are not caught unawares in case of an eventuality. Taking into consideration that 1 out of 4 men experiences low levels of testosterone, it is a more common issue than what the initial perception presents. In numeric terms, it sums up to affecting 4 to 5 million men in the USA alone. Another thing that can be of benefit is, knowing how to balance androgen and estrogen to boost your sex drive.


Low testosterone can be as a result of many things, some which we’ll be considering. Primary hypogonadism can be caused by an inherited trait, accident or illness. Inherited traits include undescended testicles or Klinefelter’s syndrome.

Secondary hypogonadism can be caused by damage to the parts of the brain responsible for hormone production by the testes. Inherited or disease conditions in this category include pituitary disorders and HIV/AIDS. However, acquired circumstances can lead to secondary hypogonadism as well. These include normal ageing, medications such as opioid pain meds and steroids, and concurrent illnesses like severe emotional or physical stress. Our focus is to address how to balance androgen and estrogen and diminish the effects as much as possible of both primary and secondary hypogonadism while placing acquired circumstances at the core.


Fortunately, nature has its own way of providing cures for its corresponding diseases and malfunctions. The Himalayan black matter Shilajit is the crown jewel of all food supplements. Its high nutrient content makes it nature’s strongest electrolyte carrier, and if you want to know how to improve / boost your sex drive this might be your answer.

Scientific reports show it contains 70 – 85 minerals in ionic form, minerals that today we cannot get from our modern 21st century diet due to the onset of large-scale commercial agriculture that uses soil depleting methods and chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides.

Seminal parameters and lipid peroxidation were improved in a pro-fertility manner in response to a 90-day treatment of 200mg Shilajit in infertile men with astonishing 23.5% increase in testosterone, and a 9.8% increase in FSH, while maintaining the same natural levels LH. These results were obtained using a double-blind trial design within a 1-6 month timeframe on men with average body types and an age range from 18 to 44.

In addition, when testing the effects of Shilajit on healthy volunteers aged between 45 and 55 with a 250mg per day portion for a period of 90 days, their total testosterone levels increased by 20%, their freetestosterone levels increased by 19% while at the same time boosting DHEA levels by 31% and maintaining LH and FSH levels normal.


With all said, Shilajit is a product of high quality that is extremely safe and can be used by anyone who wants to know how to improve / increase your libido or who is struggling with naturally low testosterone levels. It can also be used by people who just want to improve their health as it has other benefits like athletic performance, anti-inflammatory, immunity boost, beauty, focus, emotional balance, anti-anxiety, good night sleep, anti-hangover, detox, and is an energy powerhouse.


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