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boost your immune system with shilajit

Boost the immune system with Shilajit!

What is Shilajit? Shilajit, also known as Mineral Pitch, composed of an adhesive substance found in high mountain rocks. It is a result of the decomposition of down minerals and plant matter, a long process. Shilajit is cheaply utilized in ayurvedic medicine that acts as an antiaging compound and has a positive effect on the health of human beings and physical strength. It is found in the Himalayans (between India & Nepal), Afghanistan, Tibet, Chile, and Russia. There are numerous variabilities of natural medicines helpful in various health purposes in the contemporary world. Pure Shilajit is the most efficient medication for the immune system. The protective ability of the human body may increase or decrease among the health condition. It has the same immune modulator effect as modern drugs, referred to as the ability of a person to struggle against the infection or foreign substances. Shilajit can be used as a natural anti-allergic remedy to recover or resist these diseases.


To determine the decrease or depression of the Immune system server clear signs has been noticed, for instance, infectious disease (flu, respiratory infections, SARA, etc.) and frequent colds. The disturbance in the immune system is also due to sinusitis, developed cystitis, enlarged bronchitis, allergic reactions, increased spleen, and autoimmune diseases (arthritis, lupus, myasthenia gravis, toxic goiter, etc. all these responsible factors that cause the reduction of the immune system and should be treated. The immune system of the human body has little or no chance to recover itself, the external treatment is essential, then.



Alzheimer is a brain disorder causing problems with thinking, behavior, and memory of individuals. For the treatments, drugs or medication are available to improve the poor mental disorder. Some researchers beliefs that shilajit may cure or recover the progression of Alzheimer’s. Fulvic acid, Shilajit product is an antioxidant substance that contributes highly to cognitive health by thwarting the accumulation of tau proteins in the body. Tau proteins are essential for the nervous system of the human body but the excess amount may lead to brain damage. Few studies highlighted that shilajit may end the abnormal growth of tau protein and helps reduce inflammation. However, clinical trials are required along with in-depth analysis.


CFS is a long condition result in fatigue and tiredness. It makes a casual routine difficult to bear with, difficult to go to school or work, etc. Researchers think that shilajit has the power to reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and restore the functions of the immune system and enhance energy levels.


Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant product). It protects the human body from cellular damage.


Various ranges of symptoms trigger high altitude sickness. It includes lethargy (sluggish or tired), Pulmonary oedema, body pain, hypoxia, dementia, and insomnia. It can be caused by low atmospheric temperature or cold season or high wind velocity. The researcher thinks that shilajit can overcome high altitude sickness. It functions as an antioxidant and builds the immune system. Shilajit also helps in reducing high heartbeat. And gradually increase iron level in the human body.


Shilajit helps in improving the heart health of the human body.


Shilajit is enriched in Vitamins & minerals, which boost the immune system when the body can’t properly absorb the nutrients. Responsible causes are suffering from chronic disease & weaker immune system. Therefore, it is significant to have the right choice to keep yourself healthy and productive. For this purpose, Yes, Shilajit is the best choice to consume. A researcher study highlights the importance of shilajit & its use in food as an ingredient. It boosts the energy level and improves the condition of the immune system in a new way. It does not only help to boost the immune system but also fight against all diseases.

Inhaling the pollutant air is not a big deal in cities. A person can’t run away from it & inhale toxins in a large number. Lungs continuously deal with it result in chronic lung infections. Moreover, chemicals from industrial waste are one of the cause, weaker the immune system. Shilajit improves the immune system by removing the harmful chemicals and toxins from the blood.

Covid-19, highly contagious, has mutable biological features highly infected large group of people in a shorter period within Pakistan. It’s a respiratory disease and required a strong immune system to fight against the Covid-19. Our immune system has a high number of cells that usually fight against the antibodies and toxic substances, and it is considered as the first-line defence of the human body. With the high spread of Corona Virus, it is essential to boost our immune system. When stimulation is there, our body produces antiviral molecules against it. With a strong immune system, the WBCs of the human body also serve as natural killers of the virus. As we all know, there is no cure or vaccine of Corona Virus but the life expectancy and recovery is only possible through a healthy immune system. For this purpose, we are supposed to boost our immune system, so that virus can’t stay for long if we get it. Shilajit not only strengthens the immune system but save us from toxic substances or viruses and maintain the immune system. Shilajit is an effective and very safe dietary enhancement, hypothetically able to avert various diseases, especially coronavirus, nowadays. Most importantly, Shilajit is a nutraceutical product. There is a need for more investigation at the biological level and well developed clinical trials for the purpose to understand the active principles act at cellular and molecular levels.


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