Arrhythmia which is also known as an abnormal heartbeat is one of the most common diseases of the heart. It means the heart is beating fast or too slow or beat with an irregular pattern. Our heart is a pumping system that pumps blood to all parts of the body and it has an electrical system which regulates the beats of the heart. In this case, shilajit benefits for heart health are very important If there is some problem in the electrical system, then it leads towards the abnormal heartbeat.

Causes and Symptoms of The Disease:

The symptoms of the disease depend on the type of arrhythmia. But the most common symptoms include palpitations (which is thumping or fluttering sensation in the chest), dizziness, feeling of tiredness, breathlessness and losing consciousness. There are many causes d the arrhythmia, of which most common is changing in the electrical impulses, e.g. these impulses come from other parts of the heart but not from the sinus nodes ( the part of the heart where electrical impulses are generated naturally).

Electrical impulses are coming from another part of the heart and not the sinus node (the place in the heart where natural electrical impulses are usually generated) or electrical impulses generated from the sinus nodes but do not properly distributed to the other parts of the body. And another reason is the abnormal level of blood chemicals.


There are various medications available in the markets that are used to treat abnormal heartbeats. Apart from this many surgical procedures can also be useful in treating this disease. These procedures like cardioversion and pacemaker or the surgical implantation of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker. But what’s the best remedy having no side effects and has quick action than others???

Of course, Shilajit is the best way that is a natural herb and has no side effect.

Shilajit and Its Uses:

Shilajit resin is a natural compound rich in mineral and nutrients. This compound is classified as harbour as it has a very eclectic nature of its active compounds i.e. fulvic acid and humic acid as well as a lot of minerals and vitamins present in it. This compound has gummy-like mass having organic n nature and its colour range from varieties i.e. from brown to brownish and even pure black.

When shilajit is obtained naturally, then it is not in the pure form. So, to convert this impure form into the finely divided form and 100% pure which is black, there are various stages, but after that, the product obtained is very useful as it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Usually, people ask that either Shilajit is good for the body and especially for the heart.

The answer is yes, as shilajit is used in treating various diseases of the heart, e.g. providing strength to the heart muscle, protecting the heart from injury as well as in treating the most common problem of disease i.e. arrhythmia. Shilajit is also called mineral pitch as it contains plenty of minerals which are then used in diagnosing and treating various issues.

Heart Diseases and Shilajit:

As we all know that heart is an essential part of the human body which pumps blood to all parts of the body. But if the muscle of the heart gets weakens, then the individual also gets weaken. So, to remain healthy, the heart must be efficient to provide energy as well as proper blood flow to all parts of the body. Many Ayurvedic doctors recommended shilajit for heart diseases due to potent health-enduring properties for hundreds of years. Shilajit consists of a very high percentage of compounds like humic acid, fulvic acid as well as iron and other antioxidants which are very potent in their use.

Shilajit is one of the most helpful herbs which have been in use by hundreds of people to provide minerals to their body in a sufficient quantity and to keep them and their heart fit. Shilajit is very effective against heart diseases. As shilajit contains too many antioxidants, of which most pronouncing is glutathione. By taking the dose of Shilajit, level of antioxidants (glutathione) is automatically increased in the body.

This antioxidant is used widely as it provides defence against heart disease and hence one can prevent himself/herself from any heart diseases by using a very minute quantity of this herb. So, in this way heart diseases like reductive stress can be prevented to a greater extent in population. Apart from the above-mentioned compound, shilajit also contains a large proportion of humic acid. This acid is used to lower blood fats.

In fatty peoples, when the concentration of fats increased, then it will deposit in the blood vessel, which then causes blockage of vessels, leading to increasing pressure on the heart, which causes even death in more severe cases as blood van not easily pass through these vessels and coagulate there, leading to the blockage of blood vessels. This condition can also cause haemorrhage as well as stroke which cause death even of many patients.

So, to prevent this diseases studies were conducted on the rats in which a group of rats was given shilajit and after few days it was noticed that total cholesterol and total fats in the blood is reduced, as result prevention of deposition of fats in the blood vessels is achieved. Also, Shilajit boosts up the production of a good or HDL cholesterol.

In some cases when the heart muscle does not get proper energy, then there are chances of heart block and even death of the patient when the heart stops working. So, energy is one of the most important parts in contracting and relaxing the heart muscle, as heart muscle are ATP ( adenosine triphosphate) dependent, which means that insufficient energy leads to improper heart functioning.

Shilajit Heart Benefits:

Now a day’s many medications are used by the heart patient, which are very useful. But in some cases, these medications show their side effect in some individuals e.g. the damage to heart muscle and injuries induced by various drugs. So here comes the shilajit as the best remedy to treat these injuries as well as exercising muscles against damages.

A study was conducted by the researches who were working on the cardiovascular Toxicology. It was concluded that shilajit offer the best remedy to lessen the damages on the human heart which is due to the use of other heart medication. Even a single dose of this herb is used to treat all the heart-related problems and even the abnormal heart rate. Shilajit is also prescribed by the physician to reverse the heart failure process by bringing back the irregular heart rate value to the normal value.

A very minute quantity of shilajit e.g. 1, 2 and even 1000 ppm are effective to bring the heart rate o the normal value. But do not use the excessive amount of this compound, as if the concentration exceeds from 1000ppm, then it will automatically cause the heart to beat too fast, which results in the cardiac arrest even. Shilajit is considered as one of the best and side-effect free ideas by many of the well-known and professional physicians in the case when they want to prescribe supplements to the heart patients. As the Shilajit is not available on the local grocery store, so you can buy it online at a very affordable price.

Shilajit must be used after the advice of a physician as it’s excessively used is very harmful and exert deadly effects on the body. ). But the most effective way to deliver the drug to achieve effective results in a short time is to deliver in the form of resins. Also, dosage frequency in case of resin is less as compared to a liquid dosage form which absorbs rapidly into the body. So, patient compliance can easily be achieved through administrating it in the form of resin.

How Should the Patient Take Resin Product?

It is often noticed that the taste of shilajit resin is quite bitter, but do not worry, you can take it easy with water. Simply mix the required amount of product i.e. Vitadote in a small amount of water to mask the taste of the product. Vitadote only offers the resin form of shilajit which is no doubt a big achievement. It contains shilajit in its pure form containing all the nutrients in a finally purified form. So, it is used to prevent heart block, cardiac arrest, and arrhythmia and useful in protecting the heart and restoring the heart functioning by strengthens the heart muscle.Although Shilajit benefits for heart health is a very effective medicine in treating all heart diseases.

Short Advice:

Although Shilajit benefits for heart health is a very effective medicine in treating all heart diseases even, before using this medicine, one must consult a proper physician as a precautionary measure to prevent themselves from any side effects. To preserve your brain health as you age, it’s important to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, stay mentally active, and maintain your social connections. Before purchasing this product, make sure that you are buying the original product as in market many products are selling with the same name but with different quality. So, be aware of such frauds. Shilajit benefits for heart.