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how to manage pain naturally

How to manage pain naturally

Do you ever wonder about the many types of pain people have to go through without relief? From acute pains to chronic pains that last longer, to bone and nerve pains, all these can cause high levels of discomfort. Most over the counter (OTC) pills don’t even seem to work again as the body has grown some form of resistance to them. So, how to manage pain naturally? This is the question of countless people who are suffering from pains are secretly asking.

Shilajit, a natural substance that has existed for centuries in the Himalayan Mountains can help with pain issues. It has an abundance of medically beneficial compounds including Fulvic acid, Humic acid, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Potassium, magnesium and many others that make shilajit an excellent natural pain killer. Even if what you’re concerned about is how to manage pain naturally, Shilajit can help you do this and even more.


The effects of pain in the body are usually excruciating and hurting, but what’s more heartbreaking is the inability of some over the counter (OTC) pain-killers to arrest the pain effectively. This might be due to their failure to reach the deep tissues where the pain is rooted, or taking too much time to get there, elongating the pain felt by the individual. This usually begs the question “how do I relieve muscle pain?” for a lot of patients.

Shilajit is composed of bio-active compounds that enable the flow of nutrients to the deepest tissues in the body, making sure that relief gets to the affected body part, no matter how deep in the body. With its main compound of Fulvic acid and Humic acid, Shilajit even enhances the effects of other pain-killers acting as transportation means for this pain-killers, while also reducing the quantity of the other pain-killers needed for effective pain relief. This makes Shilajit a useful anodyne, even if what you’re asking is “what can I do to relieve my lower back pain?” as it helps lower back pain too.


Pains, no matter how long they last can make an individual very sore and unable to carry out normal activities within those periods. Acute pain can be very sharp but will usually last for a short period, but chronic pains typically last for longer. If these pains exist in the joints, they may be as a result of inflammation which can further lead to diseases like arthritis if not appropriately managed. Whatever the case, it is always better to find ways of how to manage pain naturally.

Shilajit, with its anti-inflammatory abilities, can help manage pains in the joints before it becomes worse. With its active ingredients that include Fulvic acid and Humic acid, with some other beneficial substances like the potassium-humate which combine to give shilajit its anti-inflammatory properties. Shilajit may help respond to the “what is a natural pain reliever” question often asked by individuals.


The body is full of nerves, whose function is to transmit signals to the brain through a nervous system in the body. However, these nerves can experience damage when they are stressed, and will usually result in pains proportionate to the severity of the injury. In some cases, severe pain is experienced at the base of the back, as many nerves are meeting at this point. These nerves are used for moving the body and keeping the body steady. These, therefore, subject these nerves to stress, often causing it to give back a reaction in the form of pain to the individual. No wonder many people ask the question “what can I do to relieve my lower back pain?”

Shilajit, a nutrient-rich substance of the Himalayas has specific properties that make it very useful in the relief of nerve pain. This is because it contains numerous bio-active compounds and minerals like the Fulvic acid and Humic acid that reduce the effects of stress on the nerves. Its antioxidant properties help to reduce the detrimental effects of stress on the nerves, and help people who often ask the question “how do I relieve muscle pain?”


With the components of Shilajit including Fulvic acid Humic acid, as well as over 80 other natural nutrients, it is no wonder that one substance can have so many medical beneficial uses. This is the reason Shilajit is a better alternative as a pain-killer, especially for people who are looking for how to manage pain naturally.

However, a note of warning: Shilajit is preferable in the resin form to the powder or capsule form. The reason being that a lot of the beneficial compounds and nutrients are lost in the process of manufacture, leaving a diminished quantity of nutrients behind, so one needs to beware.

The good news though, is that Vitadote offers Shilajit in the natural resin form, with all the nutrients complete and presented in their original form, with its full benefit.


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