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best way to recover from an alcohol hangover

Best way to recover from an alcohol hangover!

Most people at one time or the other have had to take pills in the treatment of alcohol hangover. So, whether its whiskey, vodka, gin, beer or rum, excessive use of alcohol can come with a lot of discomforts, especially after the intoxicating effects have subsided. Feelings like headaches, the need to urinate, dehydration and vomiting can all be the after-effects of consuming alcohol excessively. It is with this in mind, therefore that one may need to find the best way to recover from alcohol hangover.

For something as addictive as alcohol, the fact that you can have too much to drink sometimes maybe a given. But being able to know how to flush your system of alcohol can be of immense benefit to your health.

Shilajit can offer benefits that help recover from alcohol hangover. Because of the constituent minerals like fulvic acid and humic acid contained in shilajit, it makes it an excellent help in minimizing the effects of a hangover.


One of the cardinal symptoms of alcohol hangover is stomach irritation. This is as a result of an increased level of stomach acid brought about by the excessive consumption of alcohol.

But it doesn’t end there.

This brings with it nauseous feelings that cause you to throw up and even having stomach upset as a co-culprit.

Shilajit is perhaps the best way to recover from alcohol hangover. It contains fulvic acid as one of its major compounds and also 4-methoxy 6-carbomethoxybiphenyl. These compounds act together to reduce the production of acid – which can be a source of irritation – in the stomach. This makes shilajit beneficial for relieving a lot of other gastrointestinal issues like abdominal pains, constipation, and indigestion.


Alcohol hangover can be a very costly experience for the individual that experiences it. While costing you your dignity, it may also cost you vital nutrients that your body needs for normal functioning and performance.

Alcohol is diuretic in nature. This is why you find out sooner than later that you have the urge to ‘take a leak’ after having so much to drink. This causes you to lose a lot of water, and most of the useful nutrients needed for bodily function end up in your neighbour’s driveway. Also, the feeling of nausea and the puking robs the body of the nutrients that should have been absorbed for use.

Shilajit resin helps in minimizing these effects, as it helps the body in absorbing nutrients from food while keeping down the contents of your stomach. What’s more? It has also been used as the major ingredient in some tonic aimed at better utilization of food and nutrients by the body.


Ever wake up with your head pounding and sounding like the party boom box you heard last night? Well, you can thank the excessive consumption of alcohol for that. The dilation of the blood vessels in your head is the reason for this. When you take alcohol, it causes the blood vessels to expand, thereby triggering inflammation which causes the throbbing pains you feel in your head.

This is where shilajit comes to the rescue.

Shilajit has anti-inflammatory properties as it contains compounds like fulvic acid and humic acid which helps in the treatment of alcohol hangover effects like headaches. With studies that show its effects as an anti-inflammatory compound, shilajit is a sure help for recovering from an alcohol hangover.


Shilajit, as has been shown above, will be of immense benefit by helping with the headaches, dehydration and stomach irritations anytime you encounter hangover issues. But what you should know in taking shilajit is that the resin form of shilajit is a better option for treatment of alcohol hangover.

This is because the other forms (capsule and powder) have a lower concentration of nutrients than the resin form. Hence, the quality of shilajit in resin form is more and therefore better than other forms.

Vitadote only offers the resin form of shilajit.  This invariably means that you have the best way to recover from alcohol hangover, as you get more nutrients in terms of quantity and quality from the shilajit offered by Vitadote.


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