Liver Cancer,The liver is the main part of our body after the heart and brain which has over 50 functions. it helps to clean or remove poisonous and harmful substances from our body. Its average weight is 3 pounds. It is found on the upper-right side of the abdominal cavity. It is at the right of the stomach. It forms bile to break extra fats in different size which are normally absorbed in the small intestine or circulated all over the body. The most important function of the liver is to remove the harmful substance, store minerals, nutrients and glucose and useful acids in our body. It also converts sugar into a form which body can bear easily and also remove the old red cells from our body. That’s why the protection and treatment of the liver are also necessary similar to brain and heart.

Liver Diseases

Mostly commonly diseases of the liver are found liver hepatitis, fatty liver liver cancer,injuries and infections due to alcohol, drugs and smoking.  The cirrhosis of liver couldn’t function properly when the organs become harder and scared. It mostly occurs due to chronic liver disease which is brought by long-term alcohol hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.  And these viruses can spread from person to person through sharing regular personal things like a toothbrush, shaving accessories or unprotected sex and childbirth. Some people can also protect themselves by protected sex (using condoms) or avoid to use other things. Research centre says that children and adult both are under high risk of causing liver disease (HBV or HCV). In the US, blood banks tested blood before donating to others for preserving the risk of these diseases. therefore; the rate of liver cancer is low in the US. At present, there is still no way for treating liver cancer. Doctors can prevent liver cancer and extend life for only a few more years. But they can’t save a person life from liver failing.

Symptoms of Liver Cancer

There are several kinds of cancers found in the liver. As compared to liver cancer types such as intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and hepatoblastoma, the most often liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma which begins in the main type of liver. Cancers which begin in different parts of the body like breast, lungs and colon are called metastatic cancer. The symptoms/ signs are appearing in the middle of the stage or sometimes it appears in an early stage but people do not notice.  If a person has liver cancer then these symptoms are possible.

You begin to lose your weight day by day without doing any sort of exercises as well as the loss of appetite is also possible in this disease. You normally feel a terrible pain in the upper side of the abdomen. You couldn’t eat properly and mostly vomit after eating heavy or even slight foods. You feel tiredness and fatigue throughout regular physical activities. Your abdomen begins to swell without any rhyme or reason. Your eyes colouration changes from white to yellow as well as yellowish skin.

Risk factors

  • Chronic infectivity with HBV or HCV.  Hepatitis B or C (HBV or HCV) enhance the growing risk of liver cancer.
  • Cirrhosis. The condition of non-reversible cirrhosis causes scared tissue to form in the liver and increase the rate of liver cancer
  • Certain inherited liver diseases. Liver diseases that can enlarge the danger of liver cancer include hemochromatosis and Wilson’s syndrome.
  • Diabetes. As compare to normal people, people are under the influence of diabetes are in great danger and risk of altitude sickness.
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Body fat also helps to produce liver cancer cell in our body. People should avoid eating fast food which increases fat in the body.
  •  Exposure to aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are poisons that are produced by moulds. It grows on crops that are stored cheaply. Crops, such as grains, peanuts and nuts, can become impure with aflatoxins, which can close stages up in foods prepared of these products.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption. Overwhelming more than a restrained quantity of alcohol on a daily basis over a lot of years can show the way to unalterable liver injure and increase your risk of liver cancer.


  • Alcohol habitual: if you are fond of alcohol so limit the quantity of alcohol. And try not to drink more than it. For women, it is suitable to drink one glass per day and for men, it is better to drink two glass per day.
  • Maintain your weight: if you are healthy enough then it is also your duty to maintain your weight by doing exercises and select a healthy diet chart. If you are over healthy then reduce your weight through proper diet and walking. Try to reduce extra calories in your body. But remember one thing , reduce your weight slowly like 1 or half kg per week.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine: you can take vaccine to decrease danger of hepatitis B. Vaccine usually gives to anyone including adults, children and older ones.
  • No vaccine for hepatitis C: No vaccine found to prevent hepatitis C yet.
  • Avoid using intravenous (IV) drugs: try not to take any illegal drugs but if you do, make sure the needle you use is sterile and never share your needle with anyone because hepatitis C can transfer in your body through this needle if someone else use it except you. Contaminated drug paraphernalia is a most common source of hepatitis C infection. Take gain of needle-exchange programs in your group of people and consider looking for assist for your drug utilize.
  • Be safe when getting a tattoo: before getting tattoo in shop, ask them about the facility or needle sterile and cleanness. If they don’t take it your question seriously then there is something fishy or they don’t provide safety practices.
  • Be aware of your sexual partner health status: if you don’t have any knowledge about health status of your partner. Then engage in protected sex.

Avoid liver cancer-Solution by Shilajit

The chances of survival or curing from altitude sickness are much lower. And it also depends on the extent of your cancer and your liver health. Depending on your liver type, A surgical oncologist(who treats with surgery), A radiation oncologist( who treats with radiation therapy, A medical oncologist(who treats with medicines), A gastroenterologist(expert of digestion system including liver) and An interventional radiologist( expert in ablations and embolizations).

Shilajit is the herbal and natural remedy of curing liver cancer. It has the ability to fight against cancerous cells in the liver. And it helps to spoils harmful cells in the liver. It is known as the anti-cancer effect but yet, more studies are necessary to find complete usage of shilajit in liver cancer. It is normally available in a powder form or as a supplement that can be mixed in milk or water. A person can liquefy a pea-sized portion of shilajit in fluid and drink it up to three times a daylight hours, depending on the commands on the pack up. But somehow it has some side effect like shilajit may lower blood pressure which is really dangerous for people with high blood pressure. Those people who are heart patients should avoid taking it. Although it is a safe and herbal medicine but still correct dosage in each case required.  Luckily, the liver is the only part of our body which is able to regenerate. Just 25% of your liver can ultimately feed into a fully preparation of new liver. Considering as how better-quality shilajit treatment has been systematically demonstrated to construct your bodily tissues grow reverse at 3-4x the standard rate. Liver diagnose have two parts, one is oxidizing toxins to figure out water soluble where most environmental toxins are fat soluble. Second one is conjugation, where liver dissolve toxins with sulphur, amino acids and other organic acids and compounds through bile. A shortage in each stage of diagnose is not safe have cost for your physical condition. Alcohol ingestion, cigarettes, substandard vegetable oils, acetaminophen, and low protein ingredients   can all put in to hiccups in the liver’s purification process. Please take care that you consume a multiple type of foods, counting clean fruits, vegetables (particularly cruciferous & alliums), high-quality protein sources and. a range of raw materials such as selenium (originate in Brazil nuts) & magnesium also take part in critical roles in this drama, as they are structure blocks to your body’s endogenous antioxidants glutathione peroxides and superoxide dismutase. This protocol will make sure   your liver has all the resources and possessions that needs in the continuing conflict on toxins.

Discuss all the situation of transfer with your doctor. Collectively, you can make a decision whether transfer of these things is right for you based on your position. Transfer classically involves a blood test and an abdominal ultrasound examination in the period of six month or more than that.

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